Program Levels

Discipleship Program Schedule:
  In this  12 month program each person will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Graduation from each phase is based on the individual's progress.

Level 1             up to 4 Months
"There is Hope"
Goals:  Spiritual, Physical and Emotional healing
  • 30 Day Blackout - 10 Day Phone Blackout
  • First 4 months the focus is developing a personal relationship with the Lord 
  •  Attend Christian Alternative to Addictions Meetings
  •   Enroll in IOP (Intensive Outpatient Treatment)
  •   Volunteer with Community/ Church Projects
  • Complete curriculum LC1, LC2 and LTJ

- Residents will not be able to have employment during this phase of the program!!
- Residents are not allowed to have Cellphones in this Level of program

Level 2                         4 to 8+ Months
"Renewing the Mind"
 Goals:  Life Skills Training

- Follows same schedule a Level 1, with the following Leadership roles:
- Community Service Leader / House Leader
- Personal Ministry Involvement.  We believe we can only keep "it" by giving it away
- Education (Ged), Tech Schools, College ect...
- Eligible for passes with family members and/or Mentors
- Choice of Home Church
- Begin Family/Relationship Counseling
- Seek Employment
-Complete curriculum: Ruin and Redemption


Level 3                           8 to 12 months
"The Mission"
Goals:  Begin Re-Entry Process

- Attend morning and/or evening devotions
- Attend Church on Sundays
- Assist Level 2's as House Leaders
- Continue involvement in Ministry