General Information

All clients are subject to a thirty (30) day blackout period upon arrival at our program.  This means having another resident with them whenever they leave the facility and includes a ten (10) day phone blackout where no personal phones calls will be allowed.  Business calls will be made in the office.  Cell phones are held by staff and returned to residents after 30-60 days at staff discretion.  All clients are allowed to make phone calls upon arrival to inform their family of  their admission into the program.



Residents will not be able to seek employment until after completion of Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) and/or 90-120 days into the program, and at the Stafff discretion.       
     Although medication is allowed if prescribed by a physician.  No habit-forming or potentially addictive medication is permitted in this program.  This includes Methadone.  All medication must be secured by the volunteer House Manager, and the manager must observe the client take their medication.  The client is responsible for taking their medication on prescribed schedule.

All Clients willl attend church and/or bible studies as a group with the house.  After 90 days each client will be able to attend the church, and meetings of their choice.

Any use of banned or illicit drugs or alcohol while a client is in this program is grounds for immediate termination from the program.  Clients are randomly drug tested, and results are shared with parole/probation officers.  All clients must pay their financial agreements acoording to their pay schedule.  Failure to pay financial obligations may result in immediate termination from the program, at the discretion of the Director.  All curfews will be abided by at all times.